Online Poker Room Affiliate Programs: Generating Income from Home

For many of the everyday people the dream of earning cash at home without barely moving an inch is something that can only be dreamt of. For centuries people have tried and failed to make systems work for them. With the explosion of the Internet came a supposed boost in work from home opportunities. However it soon emerged that for most the technological dream of earning enough to retire off of was simply unattainable. The only people, who were making money away from the large industries, were those people plugging the many get rich quick schemes. However through the murk of the abject failure and depression of not being able to find a way of at least supplementing your income, has emerged a real opportunity for all people. Affiliate marketing may sound like a rather odd way, and even an unlikely way of generating revenue. But in fact the affiliate marketing program is a booming self sufficient industry, that is creating a huge amount of money for an equally large number of Internet usersĀ .

The premise of the affiliate-marketing program is very simple, affiliates host advertising for external sites and if those adverts are successful in attracting a player then they are rewarded by the host. Some of the most remarkable successes of this simplistic system have been found within the gaming industry. Taking the example of the online poker industry, there have been huge advances in the popularity and revenue of the business. Affiliates have been utilised to spread the range of the poker sites, hundreds if not thousands of affiliates carry the banners and links to the top poker sites on the net.

The free exchange of advertising space and earning potential makes the poker affiliate program one of the best ways for new affiliates to become introduced into the system. With no money exchanged from either party, there is a no risk atmosphere in which to trade. The poker site simply benefits from gaining new customers, whilst the affiliate must earn their money by attracting as many people as possible. Due to the simplicity of such a business plan there are very few complications to interrupt either party. The poker site or poker affiliate program will pay an affiliate as soon as they attract a new player. They do this through an automated system based on individual URL’s and numbers assigned to the player. Once a player is attracted the affiliate can hope to earn anywhere up to around 35% of the players money generated for the poker site, for the entire lifetime of that account. Percentages may vary, but the basic logic remains the same for all affiliates, attract more players and earn more money.

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