5 Ways To Market Your Youtube Videos And Get More Website Traffic


If you’re currently uploading videos to YouTube for more potential business, or you want to do it, this article is just for you. Because inside you will learn many ways to drive traffic to your site through Youtube.

As you already know, YouTube is very popular. In fact, it is so popular that it is currently ranked among the top ten sites on the Internet in terms of the amount of Internet traffic it receives. So, if you do not market on YouTube or do it inefficiently, you are losing a lot of new customers that you could gain everyday https://villo.id ..

But first, let’s talk about why you want to market on Youtube. I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “social networking” or “social marketing.” Well, YouTube is more than a video site – it is a social site – and it gets a lot of users every day. So if you don’t like the idea of ​​social marketing, YouTube may be the answer for you because it is a social networking site.

Since uploading videos to YouTube is a form of social marketing, it only makes sense that one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your site is to notify your friends and family about the YouTube videos you make. To the right?

You can quickly make a lot of friends on YouTube (and social networking sites in general). A great way to make relevant friends on YouTube is to subscribe to people who make videos like yours. Some of these users will subscribe to your YouTube channel simply because they want to make new friends. Then, making a new video, guess? Your new friends will be notified that you have created a new video!

Oh, and by the way, I use the term “Youtube channel” because uploading videos to YouTube is the same as having your own TV station. Viewers can tune in to your channel to see if you have something new, and they can watch whatever you have to offer and watch it anytime they want. Playing videos to your friends is just one great way to drive traffic to your site. Another great way is classified ads.

There are two great classified ads sites that I use to drive traffic to my site, and if you want to make your YouTube videos very popular and attract more channel subscribers, you will want to link to your videos using classified ads sites.

One great classifieds site I use is usfreeads.com. Currently, posting ads on this site costs $ 9.99 / month, but it’s definitely worth it. With a monthly membership of $ 9.99, you can place an unlimited amount of classified ads. This means that every time you publish a new YouTube video, you can sell it with your usfreeads.com account and get more traffic to your video.

With more traffic, you get more views and more subscribers, assuming your information is staggering. But you don’t have to stop for classified ads, you can also sell your YouTube video through your blog.

In addition to uploading videos to Youtube, you can also upload your own videos to your blog and create something called a “video blog” or a blog. Video blogs are exactly what they sound like – blogs created from blogs. You will want to do some blogging and pinging for search engines to index your content, and you will want to do some RSS marketing for others to post your blog content on your website.

But you don’t have to stop here. You can also do some viral marketing. Videos by themselves can become viral, but the viral marketing I’m talking about is free ebooks. You can write e-books related to your niche and distribute them online through free e-book directories and article marketing. Using eBook directories, you simply post information about your eBook and include a link to your.PDF eBook and submit your information.

With article marketing you can write articles on a particular topic and submit them to article directories. You will want to link to your free eBook page where others can download and read it. You will want to include a brief summary so that others can move it freely rather than modify its content. You need to include links to your YouTube videos in your free ebook so you can drive traffic to them and build your YouTube channel subscribers.

Do you see how easy it can be? It’s very simple, and when you start doing it yourself, you’ll see how easy it is. Good luck with your YouTube marketing efforts, and I wish you the best of your YouTube marketing campaigns.

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