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JIC Fitting could be a collection of hydraulic fittings that is created with your SAE J514 criteria. The acronym JIC Represents Joint Industry Council. Additionally, it is known as the JIC 37 degrees flare fitting because it has a 3-7 degrees flare seating surface. These fittings are employed to petroleum systems in plenty of areas (petrol transport, gas power KP-LOK program, boat construction, mobile storage gear, etc.). . ) . A JIC fitting system includes three elements that produce a tube assembly: fitting, flare nut, and also sleeve.

Materials used to fabricate JIC fittings require stainless steel and stainless steel SS316L.

Sleeve size are discovered in 3mm to 50mm and 1/8″ into 2″. Fitting dimensions are distinguished by the corresponding outer diameter of the tube to the many sorts of tube endings.

The traditional working pressure of those fittings ranges from 1000 into 5000 psi for different sizes and connections. The JIC fittings need to discover a means to withstand twice the working pressure to get a time of only 1 moment without failure or damage.
Please be aware that the pressure test of the specific same fitting could change if it is attached to different fittings. . By means of example, if your fitting with a rather low working pressure is connected to a pipe, then it’s likely to result in some over all reduction working pressure. In each situations, always consider the tiniest strain whilst the maximum working pressure of the system.

How do a JIC matching functions:
For tube connections, the assembly process begins from the preparation of the tube. To start with, the nut and nut are added at the end of tubing. With the use of a flaring tool, shape the finish of the tubing to 37 levels. Then twist the nut using a spanner before nut is tight as well as the sleeve grips onto the tube. If the fittings are chair constructed, the rotational action could be figured out by rotating the tube whilst the nut is going to be pulled. Following the tube can’t be rotated yourself, the sleeve has gripped on the tube. When this happens,, tighten the nut from turning it complete spin. This could potentially change slightly with different tube materials, but for general training, it is a Wonderful guideline to followalong together with

Create New JIC Fittings:
HS Corporation is a Korean manufacturer Devoted to JIC Fitting. Launched in 1980, HS Corporation has over 30 years of specialized expertise in producing fittings.

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